The classic furnace pipe (or smoke pipe) is available in a wide range of lengths, colours and angles. We offer special designs for pellet furnaces and the insulated furnace pipe which helps reduce the distance to combustible components.


Stovepipe / flue pipe made of steel sheet for the connection of stoves to the chimney. The surface of the furnace tubes consists of heat-resistant senotherm paint coating. The pipes are available in diameters from 120 - 200 mm.



Double-wall stovepipe / flue pipe for the connection of stoves to the chimney. Thanks to a 15mm thick insulation between inner tube and outer tube, the necessary distance to combustible components can be reduced to 200 mm. TEC-PROTECT furnace tubes are available in the diameters 130 mm and 150 mm.



Stainless steel pressure-tight oven pipe / smoke pipe for connecting pellet stoves to the chimney. TEC-PELLET smoke pipes are pressure-tight up to 200 Pa as well as soot-resistant and moisture-resistant and therefore particularly suitable for the special requirements of pellet furnaces.