Chimney systems

Tecnovis offers you advantageous exhaust systems in large numbers for every conceivable application. In our offer you will find the stainless steel chimney for the external wall, systems for the chimney refurbishment and the LAS chimney as well as the classic furnace pipe, the light construction as well as a wide range of chimney accessories.

Chimney lining

We recommend single-wall stainless steel pipes or exhaust systems made of polypropylene (PP) for refurbishment of existing, bricked chimneys, which thanks to their modular construction can be quickly and easily fed into the chimney. Depending on the fuel used and the operating mode of the fireplace or stove, various designs are available.

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Double wall stainless steel chimney

In this chimney, which is usually installed on the outside wall of buildings, an insulating layer made of insulating wool between the inner stainless steel exhaust pipe and the outer jacket made of stainless steel ensures a constant temperature in the exhaust pipe and thus a proper functioning exhaust draft.

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LAS Chimney

More and more modern heat generators and condensing units no longer draw the required combustion air out of the installation area, but instead work independent of the room air. The supply air is supplied via concentric LAS exhaust systems via the annular gap between exhaust pipe and stainless steel outer jacket.

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The classic furnace pipe (or smoke pipe) is available in a wide range of lengths, colours and angles. We offer special designs for pellet furnaces and the insulated furnace pipe which helps reduce the distance to combustible components.

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Lightweight shaft

The fire-resistant L90-shaft, which can be used for new construction and refurbishment. It is a perfect solution to elegantly cover interior chimney pipes and exhaust systems. Being light weight, the individual pallets can be mounted quickly and easily.

Overview Leightweight shafts


Suitable chimney accessories for your stainless steel chimney or your exhaust system: In our range of accessories, you will find silencers, chimney extensions or even chimney terminal hoods. To reline and modernize your brick chimney, you will find fireplaces, chimney covers and chimney linings in various variants and sizes.

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