Lightweight shaft

The fire-resistant L90 shaft is suitable for both new construction and relining,and is the perfect solution for elegantly covering interior chimney pipes and exhaust systems. Being light weight, the individual pallets are mounted quickly and easily.


LA90 shaft system is made of calcium silicate fire-retardant material for use in connection with oil and gas fires. The shaft elements can have internal pipes of TEC-PPS and TEC-PP-FLEX plastic systems or the single-wall exhaust systems TEC-EW-HIGH or TEC-EW-COMPLETE as per the requirement. Due to its light weight, the lightweight construction shaft is particularly easy to install and is ideally suited for modernization of new buildings.




In the case of new construction as well as relining, our easy-to-install LA90 fire protection shaft is made of calcium silicate. In conjunction with solid fuel gas fires, this light weight construction allows the combination of the casings with all single-walled Tecnovis inner tubes and thus meets every requirement. Thanks to tongue and groove connections, the handy and light control elements TEC-LS-F can be installed easily and safely.