Tecnovis also offers you matching fireplace accessories for your stainless steel chimney or your exhaust system. We offer a wide range of accessories e.g. exhaust silencers, chimney extenders, chimney terminals etc. For the renovation and modernization of your brick chimney, there are fireplace end cap, fire-place covers and fireplace claddings are available in  wide variety and different sizes.


In the combustion process, the boiler generates multifrequency noise, which may be transmitted via the exhaust system and can be perceived as a disturbing noise both inside and outside the building. The use of a suitable exhaust silencer in the exhaust pipe helps reduce the noise effectively.

End cap

If a new exhaust system is installed in the existing brick chimneys, it is also worthwhile to think about the exterior part of the brick fireplace.

In order to make this fit for the future, it should first and foremost offer a lasting protection from weather influences. The installation of a fireplace cover plate made of stainless steel, a fireplace hood such as the well-known Napoleon hood and a side fireplace panel, effectively protects the fireplace mouth from rain and penetrating moisture and at the same time looks good optically.

Chimney hood

If the chimney does not have the desired pulling power, this may be due to unfavourable wind conditions in the area of the chimney mouth. In this case we recommend the installation of a chimney cap, which we offer in many different variety and designs. Not only does it ensure a uniform flow in the chimney, but it also enhances optically the chimney head.

Chimney extension

If the chimney end cap has to be increased after an installation, this can be achieved in a simple and cost-effective manner with a chimney extension. Our single-wall or double-wall chimney extensions are often also used to improve the chimney draft after a heating system upgrade.